Forsythe Home Inspection FAQ


How long does it take to receive my home inspection report?

-Forsythe Home Inspection will have your inspection report to you the same day as inspection! (in rare occasions there may be circumstances outside our control and we will keep you informed of such delays).


Do you test for mold?

-Yes, we do test for mold, we use a petri dish exposed to affected area and test the culture for type of mold, immediate results will be put includede in the homeinspection report the same day of testing for presence of mold and lab results will be given approximately a week after inspection. Mold testing for basic presence testing is an additional $20 or for lab specific testing will be an additional $40.


Do you test for radon?

-Yes, we test for radon which requires a 48 hour air sample check and a lab test. Radon testing generally takes about a week for results at which point your home inspection will be updated to reflect the results. Radon testing is an additional $70. -More about radon testing here-


What about lead testing?

-Yes we do basic lead testing for water and paint. This does not require lab time and results will be ready for your home inspection report the same day as inspection. Lead test are an additional $30.


What makes Forsythe Home Inspection Different from other home inspection companies?

-We have experience in most every aspect of home construction, renovation, and the inner workings of a homes systems, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC and even foundational stabilization. All of this experience makes us very well rounded when doing your home inspection as we can cover every aspect with confidence and if you're new to home ownership, or just haven't had exposure, we can explain things in a clear concise way that will help you determine your next steps.


How much will my home inspection cost?

-Inspections vary by home size, age, and if you opt for further testing (radon, lead, or mold). Most inspections are between $300-$500 generally. We currently have a special for any home under 3,000 sq/ft and less than 50 years old for $239! -You can access pricing here-


How long will my home inspection take?

-Most home inspections will take approximately two hours, but for larger or older homes it can take up to an additional hour or so. We will give you an estimate of time if it requires more than the two hours expected.


How will I get my home inspection report?

Forsythe Home Inspection has teamed up with Spectora for our inspection reporting needs! Our home inspection reports are easy to read and follow, offering a summarized version and full version. We deliver via email to you and your realtor at which point you can see the report through the web portal or download, print and save a PDF version of the home inspection report. If needed we can send a hard copy in special circumstances. -You can access a sample report here-


Can I be at the home inspection?

-Yes! Clients, and their agents are more than welcome during the home inspection, the only restrictions for shadowing the inspection are crawlspace and attic inspections. You are more than welcome to take a peek but due to liability it is suggested only the inspector work in these areas. There may be times when the current occupant still resides at the home, in which case discretion will be used. It is encouraged to be at the home inspection so that we can go over our findings and allows the inspector to discuss severity and approximate costs of repairs if any.


What is covered at the home inspection?

-Forsythe Home Inspection takes pride in covering every aspect of the home. Home inspection companies greatly vary in what they cover, but we cover it all. We test functionality of the home and its systems, from lighting to outlets, plumbing functionality, HVAC functionality, we will even test open each accesible window and door to give a thorough evaluation of the home.

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